The sustainable Boschrivier Farm & Stables offer a range of homegorwn produce: pasture fed pigs, free range eggs, preserves, manure and more!

Boschrivier Farm & Stables is a sustainable effort: we offer pasture-fed pigs for artisinal meat products, free range eggs and we feed our pigs and chickens homegrown produce.

We grow fruit, herbs and vegetables for our own use according to permaculture regenerative farming practices. Excess veggies go to our pigs or chickens (the latter thank us with fresh eggs daily), or we process it into scrumptious bottled fare. At the kiosk where our horse trails start (open during lessons or outrides, or by prior arrangement with cottage guests), our delicious pork products are on sale. Contact us when needing to purchase product.

Pasture-fed Pigs

Pasture-fed, free-range pigs are in rotated camps and eat grazing, organic vegetables and home-mixed grain.

Our pigs are free range & pasture-fed. Their meat has distinct marbling of fat throughout, making every cut tender and succulent. They enjoy an ideal farm range to make the happiest of hogs. Read more below...

Permaculture Principles

We grow our fruit and vegetables to permaculture and regenerative farming practices for own use, and to feed our free-range chickens and pigs, and to produce delicious bottled fare.

We grow fruit, herbs and vegetables for our own use according to permaculture regenerative farming principles, using composted manure & organic pest control. Excess produce go to the free-range pigs & chickens, or preserves.


Boschrivier's fire wood, free-range eggs, manure, and renowned cured meats and fresh cuts can be purchased from our kiosk.

We have a gorgeous kiosk where parent's can wait during pony rides. Browse our exclusive range of cured meats and fresh cuts. You can also buy fire wood, manure, free-range eggs, jams or preserves (availability allowing).

Boschrivier Pasture-fed Piggery

The pasture-fed pigs at Boschrivier Farm are in the truest sense of the word, free-range.

Our pigs' diet of pasture and homegrown vegetables are supplemented with non-GMO grain ration produced by Farmer Eddie. We do not practice routine medication of any sort and deworming is done by means of natural products.

Our breeding animals are Duroc / Sandvelder bloodlines, specially bred for their hardiness and ability to live outside, year round. The sows move into separate camps close to furrowing and are left to build their nests for their young. We provide them with furrow huts with straw bedding to make the birthing process as comfortable as possible. Youngsters are weaned around 6 weeks after birth or whenever the sows wean the youngsters naturally.

Pasture rotation is very important to us as pigs are quite destructive. Moving the pigs between camps ensure pasture recovery and keeps parasite load low. All the camps provide mud wallows to meet all their piggie needs. Manure gets collected, rested and are used as compost in our permaculture gardens.

We don't dock pigs' tails as done in commercial operations. We simply let them be pigs. We separate the boars and sows at a certain age to prevent the meat of the male pigs getting boar taint (a strong smell in the meat, which is caused by hormones in male pigs once they've started mating).

The meat from our pigs is dark in colour and has a distinct marbling of fat throughout, making every cut tender and succulent, whichever way it's prepared. The pork meat is of excellent quality and very well suited for charcuterie, hams, sausages and other products made on the farm.

We are certified by A Greener World for animal welfare. This exciting initiative encourages farmers across the globe to apply high standards of animal welfare to their livestock as well as encouraging biodiversity, non-GMO and pasture-raised principles.

Boschrivier's free-range pigs Plettenberg Bay
Plettenberg Bay free range pigs for top quality pork.
Plett free range pigs for the best quality pork in the Garden Route. Buy your piglet from us.
Boschrivier Farm's free-range, pasture-fed pigs are happy and offer top quality cuts of pork, charcuterie at its best.

"I loved being shown the permaculture vegetable garden and the very well taken care of pigs. When given a choice, I'd rather support a sustainable endeavour like this!" - Horse-riding Mom