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Do you need stabling or livery for your horse? Boschrivier Stable Plettenberg Bay offers quality stabling, livery and spelling.

Plettenberg Bay Stables & Livery

The Boschrivier Boarding Stables & Livery near Plettenberg Bay offers onsite owner-managed stabling, natural livery and Equine Bodywork. Clean stables with unusually large runs will be difficult to find elsewhere!

Our facilities include large grass paddocks, grass schooling arena, lunging ring, rustic x-country jumps and fantastic hacking country on the neighbouring farm. We rotate paddocks to rest grazing. We collect manure daily to break the worm cycle. We blanket horses in winter and adjust feed accordingly.

Our qualified Equine Bodyworker personally interacts with your horse daily to administer custom-designed nutritional programs, any medication or fly treatment and to hail the Vet or Farrier as needed for shoeing and trimming. Every day they are mucked out, turned out and groomed. Tack cleaned and horse exercised only if contracted to. Rates vary according to feed and care needs. Farrier, equine dentist, vet visits and vaccinations are charged for extra.

Suitable for retired horses, happy hackers, endurance, competitive or non-competitive horses - that enjoy lush grazing 24/7!

Boschrivier stables near Plett offer livery service as comprehensive as you want.  We offer custom-stabling packages.

Plett Stabling

Our stabled livery offers clean, comfortable stables. Stables have a night time paddock for free movement and by day the horses graze in rotated paddocks. We can also accommodated horses for spelling rests, if appropriate.

Boschrivier Horse Spelling Services are ideal to rest your horse for a spell; or for post-operative recuperation.

Plett Livery

A day time herd environment offers advantages: natural movement, reduced muscle tension, less stress & reduced risk of colic due to trickle feeding. A river runs through some paddocks & horses also access it during paddock rotation.

Book our Plettenberg Bay Equine Bodyworker to arrange some TLC or a sports massage for your horse.

Equine Bodywork

Nicky has trained with Equinology, Inc.® as an Equine Bodyworker providing massages for horses in need of TLC. Nicky is sought after for her intuitive way with horses and offers destressing, healing or sport massages (Boschrivier or Plettenberg Bay area).

Boschrivier offers Plett stabling, livery services Plettenberg Bay - stables of the highest quality.
Whether your work horse or race horse needs a spelling rest, or needs to recover post-op, Boschrivier can assist.
Horses love to be touched and grooming and Equine Bodywork offer the ideal opportunity to show a horse love.

"The only way to do great work is to love what you do (Steve Jobs). Never a truer word spoken than of the team at Boschrivier Farm & Stables. Passion, professionalism and integrity drive these wonderful people - I am so thankful that my Meshindi has her forever home with them!"

- Kim, Livery Client

"I have had my horses at Boschrivier Farm for well over a year now and we are extremely happy here. The horses are beautifully well cared for and the farm is a very relaxing, peaceful environment. We also love our trail rides with Nicky!"

- Christine Pinna (via Facebook reviews)